About Pawnee Pride: Producers of Top-Quality, Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture-Raised Pork, Free-Range Chickens and Local, Farm-Fresh Eggs in the Omaha and Lincoln Area

Pawnee Pride Meats is located in the rolling hills of Southeastern Nebraska, adjacent to the Turkey Creek in North Central Pawnee County. We are blessed to have a diversity of grasslands that support a huge variety of perennial, native grasses and forbs. Our management system continues to build healthy land, produce clean water, and abundant tallgrass prairie birds and mammals. We believe that the native prairie component of our ranch sets us apart from most other producers.

Native prairies are deep rooted, support healthy soils and animals, and are able to transfer the maximum nutrition to livestock through its highly diverse community of grasses and forbs. These nutrients are concentrated in the meat of these animals and then become available to you.

Pawnee Pride Meats was established by Paul, Cyndie, Hans, Chris, and Karl Rohrbaugh in 1990, about 10 years into our farming adventure, as a direct marketing meat enterprise. In the beginning our farm could be described as a typical diversified family farm with several different crops and classes of livestock. As the second generation (Hans, Chris, and Karl) became old enough to participate, it became clear to us that our farm family was passionate about good food, grazing animals, a sustainable, beyond-organic management philosophy, and sharing our knowledge and products with friends and neighbors.

So what does it take to turn a conventional farm into a direct-marketed food project? In our story it required 30+ years in sustainable land management, a three-generation heritage in the meat business, a variety of public service experiences, and a driving passion to produce the cleanest, most nutritious food on the planet while improving the land in every aspect.

We are pleased to have received generous recognition for our efforts in grassland management and food production: the Pioneer Award from the Center for Rural Affairs, the Outstanding Grassland Management Award from the Nemaha NRD, and most recently the Lifetime Stewardship Award by the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society. Though this recognition has confirmed our direction, we will not rest on these laurels but rather work even harder to live up to your food and land expectations.

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