What's so unique and special about Pawnee Pride, 'Grass Only' Beef?

As common as the term "grass-fed" has become, it is interesting that there is not a universally accepted definition. Grass finishing of beef has become an art that embraces technical knowledge, healthy pastures, grass-based animal genetics, clean water, and years of experience.

We raise beef in a manner that mimics the grazing of the native bison on native virgin pastures. Our animals are offered fresh grasses and legumes, allowing them to thrive without the use of antibiotics, pesticides or growth stimulants. They receive absolutely no grain or by-product supplementation and in fact spend over 90 percent of their lives on the nutritious, deep rooted, native grasses of the tallgrass prairie.

We have built our grass-fed products on a foundation of healthy grassland and grass-based genetics. Although grass-fed animals require half again more time to grow to maturity, this lifestyle enhances the health of the grassland, the animal, and ultimately your health. The resulting meat contains no production residues and is high in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Steakburger (ground round and sirloin) - $8.25/lb
Top Round Steak - $10.00/lb
Minute Steak - $10/lb
Sirloin - $12.00/lb
New York Strips - $15.00/lb
Tenderloin Filets - $25.00/lb
Ribeye Steaks - $16/lb

Shortribs - $7.00/lb
Steak Fajita (loin) - $12.00/lb

Chuck/Arm Roasts - $7.75/lb
Boneless Roasts (Rump, Top Round, Brisket) - $8.50/lb
Rib & Loin Roasts - $14.00/lb

Stew Meat - $9.25/lb
Beef Shanks - $5.00/lb
Heart / Liver / Tongue - $7.00/lb
Oxtail - $6.00/lb
Bones - $3.25/lb

All-Beef Brats/Summer Sausage - $10.00/lb

Beef Snack Packs
All-Natural Beef Jerky:
Regular (4 oz.) - $6.00
Large (8 oz.) - $12.00

Smoked Beef Sticks:
Regular (4 oz.) - $5.00
Large (8 oz.) - $10.00
Please specify size when ordering.

*You want it, but it is not listed?  We will gladly have it made upon your request!

** We sell half beeves for $4.30/lb carcass weight plus processing.  This price includes handling and delivery to the processor and then on to your community.

Updated August 20, 2022.  Prices may change without notice.

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