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Pastured Poultry -- We raise our poultry with an eye toward the natural feeding habits of prairie chickens and wild turkeys. They forage through healthy grassland settings protected by our unique, floorless shelters. This approach reduces diseases and eliminates the drugs, antibiotics and pesticides used to control them. It is most humane in that it provides a measure of protection from heavy downpours, hail, and predators. Our records indicate that pastured poultry will take up to 50% of their diet from pasture plants and insects. These diets are enhanced by a mixture of grains and minerals. We process by hand in our Nebraska approved processing plant. All meats are chilled or frozen and packed in heavy freezer bags.

  • Whole pasture chickens average 4lbs - $5.25/lb
  • Whole pastured turkeys average 16-18 lbs - $5.25/lb
  • Chicken hearts, livers, gizzards and feet - $5.25/lb
  • Pasture raised eggs - $5.75/dozen

  • Chicken and turkey giblets - $5.50/lb

Homegrown Pork - Our homegrown, naturally raised pork is raised using the same approach that we use for pastured poultry and grassfed beef. Simply put, our pigs are raised on the land with access to forage, clean water, mixed grains and a play area. No antibiotics, growth promoters or pesticides are used. We prefer heritage breeds that are hardy, good foragers and delicious. We have been able to partner with some excellent hog farmers to help us fill our production gaps (see Cooperating Farmers).

  • Chops (1" thick, bone in, 2/pkg) - $8.25/lb
  • Shoulder Roasts (2-3 lbs) - $7.50/lb
  • Spareribs (1-2 lb slabs) - $7.50/lb
  • Bacon (1 lb pkg) - $9.00/lb
  • Fresh Side Meat (1lb/pkg) - $8.00/lb
  • Ground pork (lean 1lb/pkg) - $7.25/lb
  • Bulk sausage (1 lb/pkg) - $7.50/lb
  • Breakfast links (1 lb/pkg) - $8.00/lb
  • Ham hocks - $6.00/lb

Grassfed Lamb -- Grassfed lamb is a delicacy indeed! We raised lambs in the 80's and 90's but with the last son leaving home we had to eliminate that operation to continue with grassfed beef. However, the demand never stopped and we are fortunate to have the Thiltge's family of nearby Rulo, Nebr. pick up the slack for us. In recent years they converted their lamb raising to grassfed, and they have the best. For more information see (Cooperating Farmer's and Rancher's tab).

  • Ground lamb - Please email for price
  • Lamb kabobs & stew meats - email for price
  • Lamb chops - email for price

Grassfed Bison -- Grassfed bison is always a treat for that traditional meal. We do not raise them because bison require special fencing, watering, and pasture compositions. However, one of the best bison ranchers in the state is located adjacent to our pastures at Burchard Lake Wildlife Management Area. If you have ever been in the area you probably have noticed Tegtmeier Buffalo. They are raised on tallgrass prairie with no grain, field harvested and processed in Pawnee County. (for more information see Cooperating Farmer's and Ranchers).

  • Ground bison - email for price
  • Bison roasts - email for price
  • Bison steaks - email for price

Updated June 12, 2024. Prices may change without notice.

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