A Meat CSA . . . The Pawnee Pride Way

Pawnee Pride Meats started its CSA program over five years ago.  We have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.  A CSA needs to be a win/win for rancher and consumer.
The basic concept is still the same:  a bundle of meat that represents the common cuts of a beef in approximately the same proportion as you would find them in the whole beef.  This provides the consumer with an economical variety of grassfed meats while utilizing the whole animal to keep meat fresh and current.

What about membership, fees, contracts, etc. ?
We have incrementally discarded these tools as unnecessary.  Either you like the concept or you don’t.  Frankly, it does not work for everyone.  But we have more than enough folks that love the idea!  We offer a twenty pound and a thirty pound bundle.  The cost per bundle is $159 and $235 respectively. 

So what does a CSA bundle look like?
Generally speaking it would be about half burger, a couple steaks, a roast, some short ribs, stew meat, and some backribs (from the rib roast), shanks or soup bones.  If you like, you can request some sausage, ground pork, fresh side meat, or pork chops from our all natural ranch pork.  Generally, the higher end meats, i.e filets, ribeyes, strips, and the lower end meats, i.e. liver, heart, tallow, are ordered separately so that we can maximize the value of your bundle.  In any case, you will always receive more value than if items were ordered separately.

So how do you join?
Step one is to get on our e-mailing list.  We send out e-mails about every other week, usually about 4-5 days before delivery.  This e-mail gives news of the ranch, product availability, delivery dates and pickup locations.  If and when you want a CSA bundle, simply reply to us with the size that you want and if there is something that you especially like or dislike.  We may not always be able to give you everything you want but will do our best to avoid items that you dislike.

Our CSA is not an all or none relationship.
You may drop out at any time and/or order from the list of available items for that delivery.  Our goal is to keep this simple and you happy.  

For more information, contact us at:

Pawnee Pride Meats

71718 617th Ave.,
Steinauer, NE 68441

Updated October, 2021
For more information, contact us at
Pawnee Pride Meats
71718 617th Ave., Steinauer, NE 68441