Where to Buy Pawnee Pride's Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Meats in the Omaha and Lincoln Area

We at Pawnee Pride Meats have chosen to deal with you face to face. Although our ranch is about 70 miles south of Lincoln, we deliver to Lincoln, Omaha and some surrounding communities at least twice per month in the summer and monthly in the winter. We deliver individual orders to group locations. In a pinch you can come to the ranch or we can deliver to your home.

Although we do not have on-line ordering the way some do, the key to all of this is e-mail. You let us know your interests by e-mail (or phone) and we will keep you informed of the details of our monthly deliveries. Then you simply reply with your order and we will confirm and delivery. I know this may sound like kind of an uncertain procedure but seems to work beautifully for us and our customers.

For over 20 years we have participated in over 500 farmers markets. Since demand has become greater than supply, we are now focused on existing customers. However, we love the Village Pointe market, deliver within a block of there on Saturdays to facilitate your shopping at the market. We also intend to attend the market for special occasions throughout the summer.

Again, we like to keep our delivery system simple, customer friendly and personal. If you have any question, give us a quick e-mail note and we will make it work.

For more information, contact us at
Pawnee Pride Meats
71718 617th Ave., Steinauer, NE 68441