Cooperating Farmers and Ranchers

Pawnee Pride Meats has been proudly serving Southeast Nebraska for over 25 years. During that time a number of good things have happened. Demand for our meat has increased. Folks like you are asking for additional pasture based products. Increased efforts in one area of our ranch give less time for others. And most satisfying of all is relationships developed with like-minded farmers and ranchers. These factors all affect our community of consumers. It is for these reasons that we have developed relationships with neighboring farmers and ranchers to continue to provide the meats that you have enjoyed and to bring you new pasture based products. We are pleased to introduce our neighbors:

Bluff Creek Farm – The Ken Thiltges family have developed a sustainable, grassfed sheep ranch along the bluffs of the Missouri River. They also raise organic grains and forages, pastured poultry. The Thiltges have developed the grass and the grassfed sheep genetics to provide the best lamb around. We are pleased to make these products available to you.

Grain Place Foods – The Grain Place is a certified organic farm and processor located in Marquette, Nebraska. We have had a long-standing and enjoyable relationship with the Dave Vetter, owner, and Mike Herman, manager. They raise hogs in large, open paddocks and feed them organic by-products from their milling operations. We believe that their pork is so good that we just had to make it available to you.

Tegtmeier Buffalo – Jim and Michelle Tegtmeier operate a small buffalo ranch immediately east of Burchard Lake Wildlife Management Area. Unlike most ranchers today, Tegtmeier buffalo are entirely grassfed, field harvested and processed at Den’s Country Meats in Table Rock. We get lots of requests for buffalo and think that you deserve buffalo raised in the right way. Here it is.


Updated 2024.02.04

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